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Anywhere Lessons Testimonials

"Sometimes circumstances dictate what we can and can't reasonably accomplish in life, whether we like it or not. So when I recently changed jobs, and would no longer be working near the Guitar Cities location in downtown Chicago, I had to make a decision on the future of my guitar lessons. I ultimately decided that I could not continue to participate in on-site lessons strictly due to my new geography, which was not a happy realization. I REALLY enjoy my lessons with Jim Lenger, and I was not looking forward to trying to find another instructor that was as good as him and who I was learning so much from. So when Jim offered me an opportunity to have lessons over Skype, I truly had the best of both worlds...I'm able to continue lessons with him, and I can do so from my own living room!

This has worked out better than I had expected, and I have not had any issues with the Skype lessons in any way. The transition to this lesson format was very easy and has been successful largely due to the high quality of instruction. Jim's ability to hear mistakes in conjunction with the video feed makes up for the fact that we aren't in the same room together, and the quality of the Skype service helps make the video real-time without delays. This really has been the best possible scenario for me, and I will continue taking lessons from the comfort of my own home and learning more and more each week. Thanks to this inventive use of technology and flexible format, it really doesn't matter where you live or work. EVERYONE can take lessons from Guitar Cities and have excellent results even if you aren't nearby. I highly recommend the "Anywhere" lessons with Guitar Cities for anyone who wants high quality, convenient lessons."
-- Kelli (Illinois)
"Skype lessons were ideal from me when I moved away with work. I could continue learning with the guitar tutor I was familiar with, and from the comfort of my new home. Set up couldn't be easier; I have an iPad so simply downloaded the free Skype app on there. There was no travelling to lessons or braving the traffic or cold, just setting everything up (including a cup of tea!) a few minutes before the start of my lesson. It really helped to see my tutor demonstrating, and if i needed any notes he'd simply email them through whilst I was on the call. Perfect and so easy! Highly recommended."
-- Ian H. (UK)
"Guitar Cities has allowed me to continue taking lessons despite moving 300 miles away from my instructor. I have been using Skype to conduct my lessons and it has been so easy to do. As much as I liked taking lessons in the studio, I have to say that taking the lessons in my home have been a blast!
Setup was super easy, my instructor digitally sends me all of my information, (which includes backing tracks) and the quality of the lessons have been just like the in-studio lessons. I strongly encourage anyone who doesn't live near these instructors to give this a try. You won't be disappointed!"
-Leigh G. (Minnesota)
"Look. I'm not going to fib, right. One-on-one lessons are the ideal. But unless you happen to live round the corner from Richard, or can find the time and space in busy work and/or life-styles to make it down to Bath (and back!) or, can find someone even remotely as good a teacher (good luck with that), you have a major problem. Happily the answer is simple: Skype. In essence, this piece of magic enables him to come round to yours, when it suits, to see and hear exactly what is going on (and show you what exactly should be going on) . Brilliant."
-- Charles R. (UK)
"Jim was great, professional, knowledgeable and very patient.
Unfortunately, with my travel schedule, it was difficult finding time to meet in person all of the time. So Jim would offered to meet via Skype (on my iPhone) which we did during my lessons with him. Couldn't ask for a better instructor."
-- Lee S. (South Carolina)
"I linked up with Troy while I was traveling each week on business and decided to take advantage of the extra time I have away from home to learn something I always wanted to learn, guitar. Going in I was merely expecting to get linked up with some college student to teach me how to bang out a few chords. What I found instead was professional, working musicians that not only play and produce music for a living but also have an incredible formal music education and ability to teach. Troy has been amazing in working with me to achieve the balance I was looking for of not only learning to play, but also learning to read and understand music. Great setup, great people, lucky to stumble upon them."
-- Ken R. (North Carolina)

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