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Learn to play musical instrument of your choice with the help of our professional instructors. Electric and acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano or bass guitar — you name it!

Learn to play guitar today with one of our amazing instructors. From electric to acoustic, we’ve got you covered. Want to learn a specific song? Or maybe sharpen your skills from your younger swooning days? Guitar Cities has you covered. Start today with zero experience or intermediate experience and feel more confident in weeks!

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Bass Guitar

Always felt a pull towards the beat of a bass? Learn bass guitar today with Guitar Cities! Become the bass player that you’ve always had inside you. Whether you want to simply play your favorite songs, improvise with musicians or by yourself, or join a band, our instructors will get you there based on your needs!

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Fulfil your dream of learning piano with Guitar Cities. Learn note reading, rhythm, and improvisation with our career pianist instructors.

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Always singing in the shower or belting it out in traffic? Learn the fundamentals of singing at Guitar Cities so you can feel more confident when you belt it out around another human (or your pet). Gain the skills to sing in tune, control your breath and body, and enhance the quality of your rhythm and tune.

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Ready to pick up and instrument and drift off to a tropical dreamworld? Learn the proper method of holding a ukulele, major chords, chord progressions, and how to create a constant tone.

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